So I just decided to attempt an install of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy on my old laptop for kicks. Honestly, until two days ago I could barely spell Linux, but I am the kind of guy who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. Plus since this is an old machine I don't mind makings some mistakes along the way.

I overcame my Nvidia driver problems using EnvyNG, which was pretty fantastic. Although, this model (M15-S405) has an RCA video output which I would love to get working under Ubuntu. I have no idea where to begin, other than telling you that it does not work currently and it has a shortcut key near the power button.

Second problem is that I have no DVD playback. The DVD will load and appear on the desktop, but attempting to play it in Totem or VLC fails every time. CD playback is fine under both programs. There is a small chance that the drive is shot and this is not Ubuntu related at all.

My last problem is that restarting the system fails. It will get as far as shutting down and ejecting any external drives, but will hang with the display off and the power on. At this point holding down the power button to shut down and pressing to turn on will complete the restart, seemingly without consequence.

Sorry for the long post, but if anyone wants to help me out with any of these problems, I would appreciate it.