ok, i'm still having trouble suspending on my compaq c770. it suspends once just fine. second time i get a black screen with no hd activity. this seems to be a common problem without a solution. since upgrading to 2.6.27, hibernate works fine.
i've tried unloading various modules prior to suspend (ehci, usbcore, ath5k, etc) without luck. the -27 kernel uses the ath5k module out of the box for my atheros wifi, while the -24 used madwifi which needed compiling (both kernels had same issue w/suspend). i've also tried disabling the apm setting on hdparm (per one suggestion) without difference. i'm not using nvidia/ati adapters.

1. has anyone had this problem and resolved it?
2. how can i troubleshoot what's causing the hangup? i tried echo > 1 /sys/power/pm_trace, but wasn't really sure what i should be looking for in dmesg; nothing stood out, anyway.

i think that this is more frustrating because it works once...