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Thread: [Pigment] Python error. Segmentation fault

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    [Pigment] Python error. Segmentation fault

    Ok this is bugging me for like two weeks now...

    I get a 'segmentation fault' when i try to run a pigment example.
    root@intosia-desktop:/home/intosia/pigment-python-0.3.7/examples# python 
    Segmentation fault
    What i do is:

    - Fresh Ubuntu install (VFAT)
    - Download Pigment source & Pigment-Python source from Link
    - Install the following packages with Apt-Get
    • libglib2.0-dev
    • libgtk2.0-dev
    • gtk-doc-tools
    • libgstreamer0.10-dev
    • libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev
    • libc6-dev

    (those are in the README of Pigment)

    - ./configure (NO errors) LOG
    - Make (Alot happens on screen no errors for far i can see)
    - Make install (Seems fine) LOG

    Ok now i got Pigment installed, up to Python-Pigment
    - Installed packages
    • python2.5-dev
    • python-gobject-dev
    • python2.5-gst0.10

    (From README)
    - ./configure (no problems) LOG
    - make
    - make install LOG

    So it should be all ok...
    But when i try to run a example script (python I get a segmentation fault... This is driving me nuts!
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    Re: [Pigment] Python error. Segmentation fault

    Try using valgrind.
    valgrind --tool=memcheck python
    Maybe that reveals some information about which components causes the segfault.

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    Re: [Pigment] Python error. Segmentation fault


    The output of Valgrind shows a error in the Viewport routine of Pigment.
    LOG (wayy below)

    When i search for this error i get the bugtrack site of Pigment that shows a similar error:

    Although that error is a year old should be fixed. The problem was with a GLX extention. That triggered me to run GLXINFO. Which shows i have the correct extention available (glXGetProcAddressARB)...

    So im stuck now. Could it be my videocard (NV 8800GTX), im using the Restricted drivers that Ubuntu served me.

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    Re: [Pigment] Python error. Segmentation fault

    Ok, i know its like cursing in church but i download the RPM's (which are way more up to date then Ubuntus debs), and used Alien. Works like a charm...


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