I've read the other recent "won't load" threads -- they do not seem to apply to me!

Dell 2400, 512MB memory, 40MB drive (plus external IOMEGA 250MB USB-connected drive currently disconnected). Was running Windows XP (yukh!) -- or rather, was CRAWLING xp.

Booted from the CD (burned according to online help instructions).

Didn't bother with "try first", just started with "install". It ran for about an hour with the "Phoenix" (I presume) screen. After about 40 minutes, the CD light and the hard disk light stopped flashing. Waited another 30 minutes then switched off and rebooted. Selected "try it" option. Much the same effect! (Both CD and hard disk lights twinkled for ages - well over 40 minutes. Small window appeared top left but disappeared before I could read it. Mouse pointer freezes for long periods -- more than 5 minutes -- reactivates "jerkily" then freezes again (so SOMETHING must be happening, right?)

System currently in same state after more than 90 minutes!

H E L P anyone?!!!