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Why not just use this in .conkyrc itself?

${execi 10 exaile --get-title} - ${execi 10 exaile --get-artist}
Of the top of my head, my script can do the following that the Exaile command line can't:

  • run without starting exaile
  • provide current position in track from percent and length
  • allow for rating output as "***" or "~~~" etc
  • allow one exec call to display all details you want from a template
  • give the ability to display things as unknown when they are unknown
  • provide a framework to add more functionality to conky to suit conky at a later stage

I get your point, but this was an easy task and it does have a couple of benefits...

I have also used the same methodology for Rhythmbox where you could argue the same thing can be done with rhythmbox-client, but again the script can provide percent and template functions for example, as well as (in the case of rhythmbox) breakdown the details of a song into title/album/artist etc etc