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Thread: [SOLVED] MPB4,1/MBA 'wait status failed: c != 8' solved?

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    [SOLVED] MBP4,1/MBA 'wait status failed: c != 8' solved?

    UPDATE 12DEC2011: Since FEB2011, most Macbook models should work out of the box, without patching the kernel. If you experience problems or suspect your machine is different somehow, please read on.

    UPDATE 28APR2010: For the latest applesmc, see the applesmc-dkms package in the Mactel PPA:

    If you have a Mac that is yet unsupported by applesmc, please reply to this post, gathering the information below.

    * Determine your exact mac model
    sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name
    * Run the script (found below in this post) to get a picture of the performance before the patch
    (you may need to do 'chmod +x ./' before it runs)

    * Run the script (found below in this post), and attach the output.
    sudo ./ > scan-smc-MODEL.txt
    (you may need to do 'chmod +x ./' before it runs)

    After some time, a reply with a new version of applesmc-dkms attached will appear. Then please run again. Once satisfactory, the change will be incorporated in the Mactel PPA, and a patch sent upstream.

    For more information, see
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