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Thread: How do I use my mouse's thumb button with imwheel?

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    How do I use my mouse's thumb button with imwheel?

    A while ago, when all I had was this laptop, I had managed to set up my Microsoft IntelliPoint Explorer mouse to use it's two thumb buttons to show the desktop and open a terminal. I since got a new Desktop and migrated my old mouse over. I recently bought a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000 and, except for Ubuntu's lack of plug-and-play abilities, it works. But of course, the thumb button doesn't.

    I remember using imwheel and configuring my xorg.con file for my old mouse to work but I can't remember what exactly I did and it seems all the help on this subject online has since disappeared as a search of "imwheel" in yahoo brings only project pages with worthless version history. And there never even was any information about how to configure the xorg.conf file, it must be knowledge given at birth or something.

    Does anyone know how to get imwheel to work? I just want the thumb button to make the key combination Ctrl + Alt + d to show the desktop. I reset my xorg.conf file and reinstalled imwheel to get a clean slate.
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