I am setting up a server to provide, among other things, the following services:
1. Web - apache
2. local network print services - probably CUPS
3. Network FAX server (Hylafax)
4. LDAP server
5. Building security server (webcams, intrusion detection, etc.)
6. Email server (sendmail)
7. Remote connection server (SSH, FTP, RSS)
8. X server
9. File server, possibly, (SAMBA)

I see this machine being headless, with interaction via remote terminal.
Some guidance questions:
1. Is it better to use UBUNTU server version or, use another distribution and add apps to it? Even with the prepackaged server, I'd have to add a few packages, but not many.
2. Is there a live CD version of the server edition?
3. Target platform is a 1.5 GHz mini ITX box and I'd like to have the server bootable from a memory stick. I've seen utilities that will create a bootable image from 'any' live CD. Anybody know if these will work for the server edition? I (initially) will have a HD, but eventually will want to move away from it to the stick.

Thanks for your pointers/suggestions.