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Thread: Choppy h.264 Playback In Totem

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    Choppy h.264 Playback In Totem


    I'm a new convert to Ubuntu (8.04.1) on an eeePC 1000H with a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom CPU and 1GB RAM.

    I am planning on encoding new videos in Ogg format but I have over a terabyte of films in h.264 format encoded using Handbrake.

    I have managed to get them to play in Totem (I think it was by installing the 'bad' and/or the 'ugly' Gstreamer plugins) but the performance is awful. It's really choppy. The same videos play fine on my Mac.

    Is my Ubuntu laptop just too poor to play h.264 or is there a problem with this format using Totem? Should I be using another player? If so, which one (never used Linux before).

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    Re: Choppy h.264 Playback In Totem

    Try with MPlayer or VLC and see if they're still choppy. It could very well be that the eee is too light for H.264 playback, but I doubt it.

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