I am having a very odd problem using Songbird 0.7 in Ubuntu Hardy 8.04. This was also a problem on version 0.6 as well. I am having an issue using Drag and drop with any Music MP3's into the library. I can drag and drop Podcasts and they add just fine into the library playlist. But whenever I try to drag and drop a music MP3 (Or other music formats) I get a error message saying “No Tacks added to Library.” I can add music files just fine if I go File>Open File but its kind of a pain. I get this same problem on both of my Ubuntu computers. Is there something I need to add in Synaptic that will fix this problem?

I got the .deb from GetDeb to install this program.

I think this program could be to media players what Firefox was to web browsers. Add ons make it a very powerful program. Its iPod Support is pretty solid, and you can use a few tricks to get Amazon MP3 support which I think makes it pretty compelling software. With these latest releases a lot of the problems I had with the earlier versions have been addressed but this is a huge problem. Any help would be great.