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Thread: Sony Net MD MZ-NE410

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    Sony Net MD MZ-NE410

    I have an old Sony Net MD MZ-NE410. These use the old mini disc format. When they came out they really cool but then flash memory blasted on the scene and it was over for the mini disc.

    Though it is still a cool device, I cannot get it connected through the USB interface.

    I have lots of discs and see no reason to trash it. It's a pretty cool portable storage device with each disc being around 160mb.

    Anyone know of any hacks that the device might need or some way for Linux to recognize it??


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    Re: Sony Net MD MZ-NE410

    Hello, webbdawg. I also have that model of NetMD!
    Unfortunately Sony's Digital Rights Management restrictions have made native Linux support nigh impossible. There were a couple of projects to build native solutions but I believe they're all dead-ish by now.
    Scroll down to "Non-Commercial." Keep in mind that this page hasn't been updated since before Ubuntu was born, though.

    Some have tried to use WINE to install the SonicStage (ugh!) software. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work very well.
    I personally haven't tried any of this my self. You may have better luck, either with SonicStage or another of the Windows programs with WINE. If you do find something, please let me know.
    If you still have a Windows computer or partition, you can of course install the software with Windows.

    It's been years since the NetMD was my primary player, but it was a nice little device. At the time it was a better deal than the flash players, which were usually only in 128-512MB sizes, and it runs off a single AA battery practically forever. Plus I could carry the player and several packs of minidisks in my pockets for long walks. You had almost zero chance of scratching the disks because they're in those little cases, and they never skipped.
    Unfortunately the fact that I can't seem to use it with Linux, the horribleness of the SonicStage software, and the difficulty in finding the blank media locally these days, are all a real turn-off. Those drawbacks, and the other DRM controversies make me wary of Sony products in general these days.

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    Re: Sony Net MD MZ-NE410

    I am thinking that the software options for this device are pretty limited.

    I would like to talk to some hardware hackers and see if it would be possible to burn a new chip with a generic MP3 player and usb connection instructions for installation.

    I'm going to open the case and see if there is a removable (bios like) chip that can be re-coded or replaced.

    I know there are geeks out there and there has to be some generic mp3 player instructions ready to hack.

    Any help finding someone who likes to do this **** would be cool.

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