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Thread: [HOWTO] Sharing files with vsftpd ftp server

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    Re: [HOWTO] Sharing files with vsftpd ftp server

    Alright I tried setting up my vsftpd and whenever I tried to connect it would always give me this error.
    The connection was refused when attempting to contact
    Here is my config file. I tried other ports but would get the same problem.
    # Put in /etc/vsftpd.conf
    # Don't forget to change samurai into your local username
    ftpd_banner=Welcome to blah FTP service.

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    Re: [HOWTO] Sharing files with vsftpd ftp server

    I tried running vsftpd and it ran ok for ftp connections.

    However, I heard that ftp logins send passwords in cleartext, so they are available to a sniffer.

    I went through the documentation and found three options, ssl_enable=YES, force_local_logins_ssl=YES and force_local_data_ssl=YES. I put these into vsftpd.conf and restarted the ftp server as has been given in the howto. But now from a remote computer it just says Connection refused, whether I try ftp or sftp.

    What could be the problem?


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    Re: [HOWTO] Sharing files with vsftpd ftp server

    When trying to open vsftpd through the terminal I get
    gabriel@ubuntu:~$ sudo vsftpd
    500 OOPS: could not bind listening IPv4 socket

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    Re: [HOWTO] Sharing files with vsftpd ftp server

    I have copied the example exactly and only changing the samurai to my user.
    I cannot download files from the internet using internet explorer.
    Using Passive makes no difference.
    I have stopped, started, restarted and reloaded. All to no avail.

    But i did learn the start | stop | restart AND reload options for
    sudo /etc/init.d/vsftpd *option*

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    Re: [HOWTO] Sharing files with vsftpd ftp server

    1) What if i want to share folders that are not under /var/ftp? Can I just symlink to them?

    2) And how can I enable secure ftp on this setup (SSL)?

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    Re: [HOWTO] Sharing files with vsftpd ftp server

    After reading the HOW-To for VSFTPD I am still having trouble understanding some of the concepts. As I am a relative Linux newbie, I am finding it difficult understand the various guides on VSFTPD that are out there.

    I have installed VSFTPD and can start and stop the server as well as connect to it anonymously. However, I am not sure how I setup the server to:

    1) Disallow anonymous access
    2) Allow access to specific (external) users only. (In this regard, how and where to setup the users i.e. are the users added as local users in the OS?)
    3) Set passwords for the users
    4) Set a common FTP directory for all users that is on a different hard disk than the one on which the Ubuntu OS is installed
    5) Allow users read access only

    I would greatly appreciate help with regard to to the above questions.

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    Re: [HOWTO] Sharing files with vsftpd ftp server

    my ftp server is running fine, using the code posted in the howto.
    here is what i want to do, can you suggest a code for it.
    1. I want to disable anonymous access (i think i just have to comment out that part).
    2. I only want user to download, no upload (i might be able to manage that)
    3. I want to create a username and password (no clue how to do it)
    4. I am behind a router, I have forwarded port on my router. What do i do in Ubantu.
    5. I want the user to have access to certain directory in my fat32 mount (no clue how to do that)
    6. All the access will be from friend on the internet, so no need to have local access.
    7. my friend uses windows, so do i just give him my real ipaddress and he can put ftp://ipadd on internet explore. My friend is as much a noob as i am and only uses windows.
    thanks for any help.

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    Disable Sharing files with vsftpd ftp server?

    I set up vsftpd to play around with anonymous ftp. Everything worked fine, except that now I want to turn it off. However, no matter what I do, ftp://localhost is still showing the contents of the ftp directory. I have:

    1. disabled both anonymous and local user settings in vsftpd.conf and /etc/init.d/vsftpd restart

    2. /etc/init.d/vsftpd stop

    3. uninstalled vsftpd completely using synaptic.

    However, ftp://localhost still shows my ftp directory, and System=>Services shows that vsftpd is active, and vsftpd is still in /etc/init.d/. However, typing vsftpd in the command line says command not found.

    I've secured my system by disabling the port forwarding to the server, but i'm confused as to why ftp://localhost is still working. Any help?

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    Re: Disable Sharing files with vsftpd ftp server?

    For one of the errors that GuruMadMat posted on and that i got as well:

    500 OOPS: vsftpd: refusing to run with writable anonymous root
    500 OOPS: child died
    Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)...
    Server closed connection
    I fixed the same error when i got it by on the last line of the posted conf file to:


    (added the ending / )

    edit: infact it wasn't that at all, i just logged on with my regular user name and password instead of trying to do it using anonymous with no password
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    Re: [HOWTO] Sharing files with vsftpd ftp server

    GuruMadMat, I think you need to have
    in your vsftp.conf file(the dir get created when you create the ftp user in system admin.), and then in the folder of one of your local users put a symlink to /var/www

    Earth_walker, well since you didnt use the command ine method of removing vsftp, you wouldn;t be able to tell if the server actually was stoppped. one way is to
    pgrep vsftp
    this will show an id of some sort, that is related to the program you query for.
    To kill the program,
    sudo killall vsftpd

    Users are controlled through the usual process of adding a user to the system, via the system menu -> users and user groups....just like in windows use management with the my-computer-management snap-in.

    To share a particluar harddrive or a folder, make a symlink to it.
    easist way to do this (that i can think of right now) is :
    1. alt+f2
    2. gksudo nautilus /home/ftp
    3. then shift+alt drag the icon of the folder/drive you want to share into the /home/ftp folder.
    4. check your permissions on the links....
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