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Thread: TurnKey Linux: new project builds Ubuntu based Live CD appliances

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    TurnKey Linux: new project builds Ubuntu based Live CD appliances

    UPDATE: I moved/reposted this thread to the
    Server Platforms forum

    Hi guys,

    (I hope I'm posting this to the right place)

    I am one of the developers behind TurnKey Linux, a new opensource project that builds installable, Ubuntu based Live CD appliances that serve specific roles.

    The project's motto is "everything that can be easy, should be easy" and basically we're aiming to try and make Ubuntu easier to use for certain types of (mostly server) tasks.

    We've recently released public betas of our first three Live CD appliances:

    A few technical highlights, as described on our website:

    • Based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 (hardy LTS).
    • Minimal footprint (typically around 150MB) - each appliance is
      carefully built from the ground up with the minimum components needed to serve its role with maximum efficiency and security.
    • Packaged as an installable Live CD (I.e., bootable ISO) that can run on real hardware in addition to most types of virtual machines.

    Secretly we're hoping enough people will find this interesting so that we can build out a specialized extension of the Ubuntu community (focused on appliances), in much the same way the Ubuntu community has become a specialized extension of Debian, which is why I am writing to you guys.

    We are interested in receiving feedback on our project and to get your ideas on ways in which we could collaborate with the Ubuntu community to spread the word, get people involved, and basically jumpstart a real community effort.

    Note that we just recently launched and there is still a ton of work to do, but we're hoping if everybody who's interested gets involved and pitches in we can make fast progress.

    I'm hoping you'll check it out!

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