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Thread: HowTo: make XSane and Gmail play nice

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    Lightbulb HowTo: make XSane and Gmail play nice

    XSane has a scan-to-email facility that knows how to talk to an SMTP server. Gmail uses an SMTP server that requires a secure (SSL) connection. XSane's SMTP support doesn't do SSL. I didn't want to install and configure a full-blown MTA like Postfix or Exim just to make these things work together. Here's what I did instead.

    First thing is to make sure the necessary packages are installed:
    sudo apt-get install openssl xinetd
    Next, create a little wrapper to talk to the Gmail SMTP server without injecting extra text we don't want:
    sudo tee /usr/bin/gmail-smtp <<EOF >/dev/null
    /usr/bin/openssl s_client -connect -quiet 2>/dev/null
    sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/gmail-smtp
    Test the connection:
    After a short delay, you should see something like
    220 ESMTP f42sm17489123rvb.6
    If you then type
    you should get something like
    250 at your service
    and typing
    should get you
    221 2.0.0 closing connection f42sm17489123rvb.6
    and your shell prompt back.

    Now we need to make that wrapper available as a local network service, so XSane can use it:
    sudo tee /etc/xinetd.d/gmail-smtp <<EOF >/dev/null
    # default: on
    # description: Gmail SMTP wrapper for clients without SSL support
    service gmail-smtp
        disable         = no
        bind            = localhost
        port            = 10025
        socket_type     = stream
        protocol        = tcp
        wait            = no
        user            = root
        server          = /usr/bin/gmail-smtp
        type            = unlisted
    sudo /etc/init.d/xinetd reload
    The output of
    netstat -ltn
    should now include a line that looks like this:
    tcp 0 0* LISTEN
    telnet localhost 10025
    should get you a conversation with Gmail's SMTP server like the one you had above.

    All that remains is to configure XSane. Under the Email tab in the Setup menu, set the SMTP server address to localhost, the port to 10025, fill in your Gmail account details, and select ASMTP Login authorization.

    I'm subscribed to this thread in case you have trouble. Enjoy!

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    Re: HowTo: make XSane and Gmail play nice

    A fantastic & easy guide ! Thank you very much.

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    Re: HowTo: make XSane and Gmail play nice

    Thank-you so much for publishing this guide and sharing this information!!!!!! I used it to create a connection to yahoo mail as well.

    I followed the procedure exactly, replacing gmail-smtp with yahoo-smtp and it works!

    Xsane now is able to send scanned images to recipients via SSL on yahoo mail.

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    Re: HowTo: make XSane and Gmail play nice

    Extremely well written, concise and helpful!
    Thank you very much for your help, and btw: that was SO phat how you figured out that the underlying problem was SSL

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    Re: HowTo: make XSane and Gmail play nice

    Great work!!! Thank you.

    In my server openssl go to 100% cpu, to avoid this i suggest to change (/usr/bin/gmail-smtp):

    /usr/bin/openssl s_client -connect -quiet 2>/dev/null

    and create the file (/usr/bin/killgmail) :

    sleep 10
    killall openssl

    and then make it exec:

    chmod +x /usr/bin/killgmail

    With this mod openssl is terminated after 10 sec ... is enough to send 1 mail.
    Of course this solution is a bad idea if you have concurrent openssl sessions.
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    Re: HowTo: make XSane and Gmail play nice

    Quote Originally Posted by fcorades View Post
    Great work!!! Thank you.

    In my server openssl go to 100% cpu, to avoid this i suggest to change
    I have the same problem.
    I guess the more important question would be why is it doing this? Seems like some kind of bug.

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