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Thread: [SOLVED] Getting started with openGL

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    Re: Getting started with openGL

    Quote Originally Posted by Yuki_Nagato View Post

    Such junk as:
    gcc file.c -lglut -lGL -lGLU -lX11 -lXmu
    does not work.
    because you need to install glut libraries from repo

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    Re: Getting started with openGL

    WitchCraft, your step-by-step, all-inclusive, every-command-needed tutorial turned the trick.

    Thank you very much.

    The "apt-file" commands could not find the python based glut.h files (most likely stems from the fact that I am running Elyssa), but your laundry list of library files to include in apt-get solved my problems. Telling me what to link also helped.
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    Re: Getting started with openGL

    btw you could also check out OpenFrameworks ( which is a GLUT-based framework for opengl and lots of other fun stuff. i think they're sort of osx-centric but the linux version should be good too.

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    Re: [SOLVED] Getting started with openGL

    This is a very, very old thread. You would get as much better response starting a new thread of your own.

    Feel free to link this thread in a new one you start.

    Best wishes.

    Thread closed.
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