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Thread: Automatic sync thunderbird and dropbox

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    Automatic sync thunderbird and dropbox


    So I recently signed up for dropbox (check it out if you haven't already) the otherday so that I can sync my email mailboxes on both my laptop and desktop. The only problem with this is that I have to manually rsync my to the correct directories. I would like to automate this process whereby when I open Thunderbird it automatically gets the mailboxes from the dropbox and when I close Thunderbird the mailboxes sync back to dropbox.
    I would also like the automation script to work when I use the Thunderbird icon. Any one have any ideas on how to do this?


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    Re: Automatic sync thunderbird and dropbox

    make a shell script like:

    #! /bin/sh
    rsync (whatever) #retreve mail
    thunderbird # BASH will wait here until you exit thunderbird
    rsync (whaever) # this line will run when you quit
    and make the icon run this script instead of running thunderbird directly
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    Re: Automatic sync thunderbird and dropbox


    Did you have much luck with this? I would be very interested to try out this solution to sync emails between two computers. I know that it is possible with FireFox but wondered if with Thunderbird the profile.ini file is maybe too big for it to work quickly? I mean if one had thousands of emails would dropbox be uploading and downloading a file that is a few hundred megabytes for example?

    Hope someone can shed some light here.

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    Re: Automatic sync thunderbird and dropbox

    I'm bumping this thread because I would *really* like to know how to do this. Thunderbird is the bomb - best thing ever for keeping track of three email addresses. But I use four different computers on a regular basis so it would be great to be able to use thunderbird's syncing ability with dropbox's sharing ability. Any ideas? I have no experience with scripting but I've done some programming so I'm not scared of it.



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