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Thread: Touchscreen USB mouse Interference Issues

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    Touchscreen USB mouse Interference Issues

    I have a tx1000 hp laptop which uses a egalax touchscreen. I'm using the Touchkit_64 drivers and they work great.
    The only problem is this, to use a usb mouse the touchscreen and the usb mouse can't both have corepointer on it.
    When I remove corepointer from EETI or Mouse0 both will work. Except that when I actually follow the point of the touchscreen a click will "drag" the mouse through each intermediate pixel while clicking to the new point.

    Meaning that in GIMP while drawing if I have the pointer at one corner and tap the other corner it will drawer a diagonal line instead of a dot. This is annoying.

    Is anyone using a touchscreen and usb/ps/2 mouse with this problem solved?

    I have also tried sendcoreevents which didn't work either.

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    Re: Touchscreen USB mouse Interference Issues

    I'm having a similar problem. I got the touchscreen drivers in place and working, but they only work perfectly if I use the CorePointer directive on the Touchscreen. If I have it on the mouse (default), then it causes artifacts when trying to use it and generally fails to work. If I use CorePointer on the device, it works fine, but then my USB mouse fails to work. The touchpad still works fine. I found a suggestion to use ServerFlags as a section in xorg.conf and use the command "Option 'AllowEmptyInput'", but that resulted in my keyboard not working. So... end result is, I have no solution yet, but I wanted to let you know you're not the only one. Hopefully some guru will catch onto this thread and have a solution for us.

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