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VMware ESX Enterprise licenses with Virtual Center is so incredibly expensive that it's a hard sell for many of our customers. Almost everyone (including a lot of the schools and small businesses we handle) is looking to Virtualize, but the cost..

For instance, to put together a complete VMware system with six sockets (say, three dual-socket hosts) with Virtual Center and Enterprise ESX licenses, it's going to cost you over $25,000. That's more than the cost of all three hosts combined (at least with HP hardware; probably the same with Dell, etc.) ESXi saves you no dollars with a complete system.
Why would a small business NEED the enterprise version? you can purchase vmware licenses for 3 servers (2 sockets each) for $5,000 with 3 years of support (link below). A true small business does not need vmotion. You can just as easily power off a VM, and power it back up on another host if you need to. I've been using ESXi at my company for 6 months, running an Exchange server and A terminal server (2008 64bit each). No problems. We're about to P2V our other server and install ESXi on it and setup a central SAN for the two.