The wayback machine. Its cool to learn about web history and stuff on jan 13, 1997 it has a story about IE4 taking the lead in browser usage, with 63%. Many people dont believe it. Replies:

MSIE 63%?!
I don't buy it.
The exact numbers are irrelevant... the point is perfectly clear... last year, Netscape had something on the order of 85% of the browsers... Netscape is dying... We've got to get the people that make Gzilla and Mnemonic and Arena and all those fragmented browsers into a single team, and have them make a nice happy GPL Web Browser before it's too late...
This is only the sad consequence of Mickey$oft's brutal attempt to kill off any and all competition by "integrating" the browser into the "operating system" (read: "DOS shell")... I personally hope that the american justice dept. can put a stop to this. If not then every independant software developer will be seriously threatened and the creative software development will grind to a halt.
hrmpff - I go to the site, and the banner at the top of the article is an ad for M$ - adds lots of credability to the article, wouldn't you say? I am the MIS at my firm, and I can tell ya, no-one DARES load IE on any system here . . . )
Funny how people used "M$" way back then. I love this site =D