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Thread: Podcast Seasion 1 Episode 14

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    Podcast Seasion 1 Episode 14

    Laura Cowen, Ciemon Dunville, Alan Pope and Tony Whitmore present the fourteenth episode of the Ubuntu Podcast from the UK Local Community Support Team.

    In this episode:-

    * We mull over the Happy Birthday GNU video from the FSF, presented by Stephen Fry.
    * We discuss the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase
    * Bulkier Sarcastic News
    Mozilla releases Ubiquity
    Dell shipping Vostros running Ubuntu
    Debian offering a beta live version based on Lenny
    Mitac and Commodore show off new UMPCs
    Google releases a browser
    Launchpad integrates google maps.
    * Due to our previous episode coming out late we're extending the Bitfolk VPS competition from last time.
    * Finally we discuss the merits of running the development version of Ubuntu.

    Comments and suggestions are welcomed to:
    Up to 30 seconds of voicemail can be left at +44 (0) 845 508 1986
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    Re: Podcast Seasion 1 Episode 14

    Of course gNewSense doesn't install non-free software.

    That's the reason gNewSense exists, it's the reason we developed GNU in the first place -- to escape from proprietary software and to help others to escape as well. Recommending a distribution that steers users towards non-free software would defeat the purpose.

    Of course, most GNU users are unaware of this, because they think the system is called Linux, and because they've heard it associated with "open source", a different philosophy from the free software movement.

    And yet, despite those impediments, our campaign for user freedom continues to advance.


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