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Thread: Making a Portable Version of Firefox to run on a USB Stick

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    Making a Portable Version of Firefox to run on a USB Stick

    First of all,I got these steps from my blog that no one really
    It is very simple to make A Portable Firefox for Linux.Though This may not run so well on an old USB Stick.So lets get started.

    1.Go to and download the Linux version in a tar.gz format(Should download this automatically)

    2.Create a New Directory called Firefox Portable

    3.In the Firefox Portable Directory,Create a Sub Directory called AppLinux

    4.Now extract the tar.bz2 and paste all of the files into the AppLinux Folder.

    5.Create a .sh file in the Firefox Portable directory of the Folder.Open it with some text editing program.Put in the following code:

    check=`ps -ef|grep firefox|grep -v grep`
    if [ $? -eq 0 ]
    zenity --info --text "Please Close any Firefox Proccesses"
    ./AppLinux/ ./AppLinux/firefox-bin -profile ./Data/profile

    6.Now in the Firefox Portable directory,Create another Sub Directory called Data.In Data,Create a folder called profile.

    7.Run the Shell Script we made.This should launch firefox and use the profile in the Data Folder.

    8.Right click the shell script than click Properties.Now go to the Permissions Tab and click "Allow Executing file as a program"

    Oh and by the way,The Portable Version will not run if the normal version is running.
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