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Thread: PCSX - Trouble - Memory Card?

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    Post PCSX - Trouble - [FIXED]

    Hello Ubuntu Forums,

    NOTE: I hope I am allowed to post this here along with asking this question. If not I apologize.

    I am in need of some serious help.

    The other day I installed PCSX (Sony Playstation Emulator) through the Add/Remove Application on Ubuntu Hardy. Along with that I got the BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) for PCSX and the game I want to play (Final Fantasy 7).

    I open PCSX and I do the following:
    1. Emulator -> Run
    2. TNavigate to Final Fantasy VII CD1.iso

    It loaded flawlessly and I see the start up image of the Sony Computer Entertainment Logo See Attachment. However, directly after the screen displays a blue screen saying 'MEMORY CARD' and 'CD PLAYER' along with in the right hand corner 'MAIN MENU'. See Attachment.

    I select memory card. Both are empty. I exit. See Attachment.
    I select CD Player. It takes me to a screen as if I were to play a music CD. I exit. See Attachment.
    I can not click 'MAIN MENU'.

    What is going on?
    How can I play Final Fantasy 7?

    THE SOLUTION - I figured it out befored I RAGED OVER 9000!

    The Problem is:
    1. Emulator -> Run
    2. Navigate to Final Fantasy VII CD1.iso

    The Solution is:
    1. File -> Run CD Through BIOS
    2. Navigate to Final Fantasy VII CD1.iso
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    Re: PCSX - Trouble - [FIXED]

    i recommend using psx for your ps1 emulator. it is the best one there is imho. a lot of ppl agree. it doesn't require plugins but if you want to use plugins, then psx prolly isn't for you.
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