I am so frustrated. I have burned dozens of CD's and DVD's of Ubuntu, but when I try to install when my Nvidia Gforce 6200 OC is enabled, the LiveCD hangs.

I was able to set up my 4Ghz P4 2Gb Ram 3 200Gb Sata HD's machine with one monitor connected to the Nvidia card and one monitor connected to the Integrated Intel graphics adapter. If I go into the BIOS and choose Onboard for the Default Graphics adapter, I can Boot Ubuntu from the LiveCD or DVD and Install it without a problem. If I change the Bios and choose PCI as the Default Graphics adapter, the LiveCD will hang and/or the Ubuntu installation will hang.

I want the better graphics from my Nvidia card, but something in Ubuntu is causing a Hardware Confilct. I tried to boot in Recovery mode, but it hangs as well. I cannot get another, better Graphics card for this machine because it only has PCI slots, not PCIe or AGP.

I set up another 2Ghz Celeron machine, for my son, with an Nvidia 5200 Graphics card and Ubuntu installs and runs fine on that.