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Thread: Help with wireless usb 3com

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    Cool Help with wireless usb 3com

    Hi community... I'm using ubuntu hardy on my desktop and i have connected a 3com 3crwe254g72 usb wireless adapter. It recognized fine, i make install of ndiswrapper for the driver but it doesn't work.

    I did:
    1.- Installation of ndiswrapper
    2.- # sudo ndiswrapper -i driver.inf
    3.- # sudo ndiswrapper -l
    3c254g72 : driver installed.
    device (0506:0A11) present (alternate driver p54usb)
    4.- # sudo depmod -a
    5.- # sudo modprobe ndiswrapper
    6.- # sudo gedit /etc/modules and add ndiswrapper to the end of the file.

    But if I do # ifconfig or # iwconfig the adapter not appear.

    Why ?, i dont now.

    Please, some help?

    Thanks and sorry for my english =)

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    Re: Help with wireless usb 3com

    Got it working without ndiswrapper from this guide.

    Essentially this is it:
    Download prism54 firmware. For the 0506:0a11, the worked.

    Rename and move to /lib/firmware/isl3886usb
    sudo mv /lib/firmware/isl3886usb

    Load the driver
    sudo modprobe p54usb

    Now it should be working.

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    Re: Help with wireless usb 3com

    This would be great but the download link for now is broken, can anyone help? I arrived here searching for an alternative donwload resource for that firmware. By the way here's explaind the same procedure:

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