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Thread: Mono and missing metadata

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    Mono and missing metadata

    Hi. I'm new to Mono development and am having a devilishly hard time compiling some WinForms code. Whenever I run gmcs -pkg:dotnet test.cs I get a fatal error back stating:

    error CS0006: cannot find metadata file `cscompmgd.dll'

    Does anyone have any idea what could be causing that? I have uninstalled and reinstalled all my mono packages to no avail and I'm pulling my hair out. If I can't get this fixed I'll have to return to doing my development on a Windows box, and I'd really prefer not to have to. Thanks!

    edit: Oh, I should mention I'm running 8.04LTS and installed the latest version of Mono out of the Ubuntu repositories.
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    Re: Mono and missing metadata

    Hi, Xir
    I encountered the same problem. I copied cscompmgd.dll, and some other files from the directory, with an installed windows: windisk/windows/assambly/gac/cscompmgd/... in the directory /usr/lib/mono/2.0 After that gmcs-pkg: dotnet test.cs - worked without a problem.
    I have installed: kubuntu 8.04, mono-1.9.2, libgdiplus, libmono-dev, WindowsXP,. Net framework 1.1.

    Sorry, if not quite clear written. I do not know English very well.

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    Re: Mono and missing metadata

    libmono-cscompmgd7.0-cil - Mono cscompmgd library
    libmono-cscompmgd8.0-cil - Mono cscompmgd library


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