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Thread: HOWTO: Custom commands in nautilus (TB Attachment example)

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    HOWTO: Custom commands in nautilus (TB Attachment example)

    The sendto extension in breezy only works with evolution

    The solution Nautilus Actions

    Install Package
    sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions
    or click nautilus-actions

    you may need to restart nautilus
    nautilus -q
    You will find the application under
    System->Preferences->Nautilus Application Actions Configuration

    Click "Add"
    Fill in label - Send Attachment Email via Thunderbird
    Fill in Path - mozilla-thunderbird
    Fill in Parameters - -compose "attachment=%u"
    Select the "Conditions" tab
    Fill in Filenames Pattern - *
    Check the "Only Files" options
    Click "OK"


    Pre configured Nautilus Actions you can import are available from
    includes many options such as
    * Merge many PDF files into a single one
    * Test a 7z archive for integrity
    * Create a 7z archive
    * Font installer
    * OptiPNG (Optimize PNG images)
    * thunderbird send to
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