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Thread: rtl8187 aircrack drivers

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    rtl8187 aircrack drivers

    I tried blacklisting and moved the rtl8187.ko file to my desktop and installed the aircrack patch , and when I do do locate rtl8187 it
    says in terminal a whole bunch of patches located in the aircrack
    section but it does'nt work , here is the link , in which im pretty
    sure I did everything
    also the card doesnt even show in iwconfig , it should be wlan0 , but no
    and I cant even connect to my network , the card is non existant anymore,
    I did downloaded the patches and did the blacklist , any tips?

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    Re: rtl8187 aircrack drivers

    when i installed the aircrack drivers i never had to blacklist the drivers. i just went over the top of the old ones. but i did have to back up the ieee80211 folder and copy over the one that you have to compile

    hope that helps


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