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Thread: Ubuntu on a tablet notebook?

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    Ubuntu on a tablet notebook?

    Does the newest version have any kind of support for tablet pcs (controlled with a stylus/pen)? I have a Gateway CX2618 that came with Windows XP Tablet 2005. I formatted the drive because I tried installing Vista on it. The Vista installation failed, and I have no operating system on the computer right now. I need to be able to use the laptop for school, and my next class is on Tuesday. I have some time, but I really need some operating system on it.

    I have used Ubuntu on other computers, and was surprised that most hardware was supported. In fact, some things worked better than in XP. But I have been searching Google for hours and can't find an answer to my question.

    I am willing to do a little work, but if the touchscreen won't work right with Ubuntu, please tell me so that I can stop my download.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Ubuntu on a tablet notebook?

    No problem, I use Hardy on my HP T1100 TabletPC. I have installed it in dual boot with Windows. For more informations you can look here or if you can read german you can look here

    Have fun, Harvey

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