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Thread: HOWTO: Connect to a Microsoft PPTP VPN

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    Re: HOWTO: Connect to a Microsoft PPTP VPN

    I had a problem connecting to my faculty's VPN, but I solved it like this:
    1. I created VPN connection with PAP and EAP unchecked, I enabled point-to-point encryption, selected 128-bit security and checked stateful encryption (as adviced on this thread)
    2. Because I use Firestarter, I added rules for Microsoft VPN (as stated in to /etc/firestarter/user-pre:
     # Forward PPTP VPN client traffic
    $IPT -A FORWARD -i $IF -o $INIF -p tcp --dport 1723 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
    $IPT -A FORWARD -i $IF -o $INIF -p 47 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
    $IPT -A FORWARD -i $INIF -o $IF -p 47 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
    If you use another firewall frontend, find where to put these lines (I'm not familiar with iptables, but I guess this is it's notation). Or, If you don't need it, disable the firewall, it should work straight away.
    3. In Firestarter, I added my VPN server in "Policy/Allow connections from host" and added rule for same host to "Policy/Allowed service" for port 1723
    4. Restart firewal - and it works (at least, in my case... )

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    Re: HOWTO: Connect to a Microsoft PPTP VPN

    Dear all fellows,

    i have installed Linux i.e ubuntu 10.04 on my PC in which i have installed pptp client and able to connect it successfully but problem is that it unable to browse internet. in windows it works fine.
    Kindly help me out.
    Syed Zaigham Ali.

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    Re: HOWTO: Connect to a Microsoft PPTP VPN

    Quote Originally Posted by endersshadow View Post
    This process has been made MUCH
    sudo route add -net netmask dev ppp0
    (substitute for your network)

    For a more complete guide, check out this site:
    Holly CRAPPP, that is what I needed exactly. Thank you

    I was searching for a solution to my VPN disconnect for hours.

    Btw I have 2 questions, I hope that someone could help me out

    -How can I automatically start this connection during startup?

    -I just want certain connections to go through the Vpn, not all my internet traffic. How do I do that with the manual setup. I always had issues with the gui VPN so I need to stick to manual configs.

    thanks again
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    Re: HOWTO: Connect to a Microsoft PPTP VPN

    Any news on the 10.x connection side? Being trying it for a while with no success (based on settings suggested here).

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    Re: HOWTO: Connect to a Microsoft PPTP VPN

    I've a working, DNSing Maverick VPN connection - it will connect successfully to a WinXP Pro VPN server.
    Be aware; make sure that the network at the client end of the VPN doesn't have the same subnet as that of the VPN server end
    or the system can get confused with who's talking to what.

    Pulling up the VPN connections settings, I have the usual General/Optional entries (IP/gateway name, username/password).

    Under ADVANCED: Use MPPE (automatically selects legal authentication protocols), and all tickboxes under Security & Compression, and 'send echo'.

    IPv4 Settings.

    Method: Addresses only!
    DNS servers: IP of the DNS server at the far end of the VPN
    Search domain: Name of the domain at the far end (allows ping by machine name only or by FQDN)

    Routes: (example)
    If VPN server IP is, then ...
    Gateway: (the VPN server)
    Metric: 1

    untick 'ignore ... routes'
    tick 'use ... resources on its network'

    This allows me to use 'Connect to server' using the machine name to see the shares available for connection.
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    Re: HOWTO: Connect to a Microsoft PPTP VPN

    thank you so much mgmiller i am now vpning!

    You need to install 2 packages:
    If you do the first, it will install the second as a dependency.

    Reboot the computer. (This is important, don't skip this step)

    Open Network Configuration (System, Preferences, Network Configuration).
    Highlight your VPN connection, hit Edit.

    At IPv4 Settings Tab: choose method Automatic (VPN).

    At VPN Tab:
    1 - input the IP address of the target computer in the gateway field.
    2 - input your user name. Leave all else blank, unless you are tunneling to a domain, then enter the domain name where indicated.
    3 - hit Advanced button.

    At Authentication:
    1 - UNcheck PAP (because PAP means to allow unsecured passage - this is the source of "no shared shared secrets")
    2 - Check CHAP, MSCHAP and MSCHAPv2. Uncheck all others.

    At Security and Compression:
    1 - Check Use Point-to-point encryption (MPPE)
    2 - Select 128-bit (most secure).
    3 - Check Allow stateful encryption.

    At Echo: check Allow PPP echo packets.
    Leave all else blank. Hit OK, OK to save and get out.

    Log off (also important, don't skip this step)
    Log on

    Note: Your password is requested on VPN startup. You can add it to the default keyring if you want, or leave it out for a little more security.

    Once the vpn is open, you can remote desktop over it by entering the nat address of the machine on the other side.
    To browse, now the browse network gui may work, you may need to manually enter the IP of the remote machine (eg. in the top. You may need to click reload a few times.
    Or if you saved it as a bookmark, select it and you may again have to click reload a few times.

    You may need to enter gvfs-mount smb://url example: gvfs-mount smb://, although, I found clicking reload a few times above seems to work well.

    In fact, since 9.04, clicking reload was not needed at all. The clicking reload bit was needed in Intrepid (8.04), which is what these instructions were originally written for.

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    Re: HOWTO: Connect to a Microsoft PPTP VPN

    I have set up PPTP VPN server on ubuntu.
    But accounts are open for concurrent simultaneous connections. means there can be many users using one account at the time.
    i need to limit that to one user at the time.
    anybody knows how it can be done?

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    Re: HOWTO: Connect to a Microsoft PPTP VPN

    I gave Guarddog a try but it didn't really have that much difference with Firestarter regarding the methods on how to do it. Anyway, if any of you guys want some VPN protection for your ipad, better check out this great VPN for ipad I myself am using. Trust me it works.

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