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    New POSSIBLE NTR Project

    Kevin Valentine was recently contacted by NTR about a possible new project with them.

    The original specifications were unsatisfactory, but after some negotiation, Kevin and NTR have come up with a suitable project.

    Basically, NTR installs and supports Windows installs. They feel that much of their support time is wasted re-installing that operating system. They are looking to the LoCo to create an automated re-install process for Windows, that the user themselves can implement.

    The negotiations ended up being, along with that functionality, the boxes would have to be dual boot; Windows as primary and auto-boot, with the option to boot an Ubuntu flavor.

    The Ubuntu flavor, the Windows re-install image, and the re-install scripts will reside on a separate 6 gb HD.

    Kevin and I like the challenge, but this will require ongoing support. This is a call to arms!!!

    If you are interested, let us know. This is a Philadelphia area project, so people outside can help with logistics and scripting and such. We will setup a wiki page for those efforts.

    Locals will be needed to physically go to NTR and assist with the imaging process once all the scripting is done.

    This physical assistance may be an ongoing job, as more imaging and/or tweaks to the Ubuntu installs are needed.

    We need bodies. These imaging sessions will try to be scheduled on Saturdays. All your input and support is welcomed and required.

    Let us know what you think.
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