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Thread: What OS/Distros have you installed and used?

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    Re: What OS/Distros have you installed and used?

    I have used the following:

    Win 98 & XP
    Mac OSX

    - Ubuntu 5.04
    - Suse 9.1
    - Damn Small Linux <---- plain, simple and fast.... nice!
    - Feather Linux
    - GoblinX <---- too colorful.....
    - Beatrix <---- like ubuntu but lighter....

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    Re: What OS/Distros have you installed and used?

    DOS (I have no idea what version)
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows NT 4.0
    Windows ME
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Windows 2003

    Mac OS 8
    Mac OS 9
    Mac OSX

    Redhat 8
    Redhat 9
    Peanut Linux
    Debian Sarge
    Ubuntu Hoary
    Ubuntu Breezy (Current)

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    Re: What OS/Distros have you installed and used?

    Microsoft -

    • Windows 3.1 - Used it in the library in Primary School.
    • Windows 95 - Was pre-installed on my first PC.
    • Windows 98SE - Had it installed for 30 minutes.
    • Windows ME - Had to live with it for years.
    • Windows 2000 - Currently installed on my old PC.
    • Windows XP - Dual booting on main PC.

    Linux -

    • Mandrake Linux 10.0 - Was OK.
    • Fedora Core 2 - Was the first distro to stay more than a few months.
    • Ubuntu Warty Worthog - Really liked it, but went to FC3 because it had newer packages.
    • Fedora Core 3 - First distro I tried XFCE on. Nothing really special about it (FC3).
    • Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog - Stayed on my PC for the longest time. Incredibly stable and fast. Now used on my server.
    • Fedora Core 4 - Didn't like this at all. Yum is slow.
    • Ubuntu Breezy Badger - Ran it for about 2 months before release, and dropped it just before RC1 was released.
    • Arch Linux - Decided to try it out, and it stuck. I like it because it is bleeding edge and has a nice package manager.

    Others [Live CDs etc] -

    • Knoppix 3.2 - I suddenly remembered that I had this before I went to bed one night, so in the morning I gave it a go.
    • Knoppix 3.4 - Very good, but only downloaded it for fun.
    • xDSL - Damn Small Linux for Xbox. Quite good.
    • DSL - Much the same, but for PC.

    I've been tempted to try out a BSD variant, but have never got around to it. Perhaps in the next holidays.

    - Rpg Cyco

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    Re: What OS/Distros have you installed and used?

    1989 MS-DOS on 386 PC
    1990 or so, Win 3.1 on the above config
    1995 Win95 dual boot with OS/2 - OS/2 was awesome, but I didn't use it as much as I wanted because of a lack of applications on it. Win95 was refreshing after DOS/W3.1 but it was crash, boom, bang
    199x Win98 & 98SE
    1997 RedHat Linux 5 with Xfwm95, very ugly but rock solid. Dual booting
    199x SuSE Linux with KDE 1, looked better then Windows, and was stable. Still a lack of office suites back then
    1999 All traces off windows removed from my HD out of sheer anger (it ruined my thesis, making me spend half the night to get the file back together in time to go to the printers. This despite me having 20+ backups).

    2000-2004 (in order)
    Mandrake (switched because SuSE didn't GPL yast)
    FreeBSD on my server (replacing SuSE)
    Gentoo (won over Debian because Debian Stable was old), later also on my server
    Trials with Mepis, Debian and Yoper, but switched back.

    2004 Ubuntu Linux on all my desktops and my server.
    Ubuntu is by far the best distro I have ever seen.

    -- At work:
    Windows NT4 (until 2002) on my desktop. then Solaris with Ximian desktop for a year (thin clients), didn't see XP until 2004.

    Servers: SuSE 8 & 9, Solaris, HP-UX, some RedHat
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    Re: What OS/Distros have you installed and used?

    PC DOS
    MAC OS up to 8.1

    Alpha VMS 7.1
    AIX 5.2

    Win 95
    Win 98
    Win NT
    Win 2000
    Win XP/2003

    and finally Ubuntu.

    Top 3 (Stability)
    1] VMS
    2] AIX
    3] Ubuntu

    Top 3 (General Useage).
    1] Ubuntu
    2] VMS
    3] AIX
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    Re: What OS/Distros have you installed and used?

    Dos (no more)
    Windows (do not use it private anymore)
    Trustix Secure Linux (Great server OS (with Norweigan roots i heard ))
    Debian (just had a look, did not use it)
    Suse (just had a look, did not use it)
    Kubuntu (Tried to use it, to many bugs not hardware related. Will try again on dapper release)
    Ubuntu (Using it on a thinkpad and a server)
    (\ /)
    (> <)
    - wabble helping Bunny on his way to world domination-

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    Re: What OS/Distros have you installed and used?

    I've had all the Window flavors. Tried Suse three or four years ago in an attempt to escape, but failed. This summer revisited linux and right of installed Ubuntu and haven't looked back. Since I've tried Kubuntu on my other box, but found it a tad convuluted and tried Xandros, whcih is still there. Simply love Ubuntu, by far my favorite.

    As for may be on borrowed time. It's good and I like it (not nearly as much as Unbuntu).

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    Re: What OS/Distros have you installed and used?

    I've installed the old DOS and all the Windows versions. In Linux, I installed Linspire (it's pretty, but you have to pay for too much), SUSE 10.1 (couldn't configure it to detect my network card and Internet connection), Xandros (my favourite KDE distro) and Ubuntu (my favourite distro overall).

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    Re: What OS/Distros have you installed and used?

    DOS (with QuickMenu!)
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows ME
    Windows XP
    Mandrake 9.0
    Mandrake 9.2
    Debian (testing)
    Ubuntu Warty
    Ubuntu Hoary
    Ubuntu Breezy

    In cronological order (well I'm still dualbooting Windows XP, but I'm not using it)

    Favorites are the Ubuntus but Debian was very good aswell (You have to love apt )
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    Re: What OS/Distros have you installed and used?

    I've tried windows 3.11,95,NT,98s,ME,2000,XPs and on linux side - redhat, slackware,suse,mandrake,debian and now Ubuntu.

    I think i'm going to stick with this one because

    1) It uses apt-get

    2) It comes with 1 CD

    3) Great support and community especially in!

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