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Thread: move a windows install to a virtual drive

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    Arrow move a windows install to a virtual drive

    my situation:

    i have a lenovo x60 tablet laptop which came with winxp 2005 tablet edition, and now also has a wubi installed ubuntu on it.

    what i'd like to do is run a seamless windows in linux via virtual box, as described here:

    i dont however have either a windows cd, nor even a cd drive (have yet to buy the base & drive bay yet)... so installing windows like this isnt achieveable yet without purchasing 200 odd quids worth of equip.


    i'm thinking there's gotta b a way to get my existing xp, into a virtual drive.

    i was thinking off "dd", but have never tried it, let alone figuring out how to get it to work going to a virtual drive.

    anyways, if i can figure it out, this is better, since i'll b keeping all my software n settings.

    or is there some way of getting virtualbox to point to an existing partition with a OS installed?

    many thnx.

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    Re: move a windows install to a virtual drive

    Do you mean you have XP already on an existing partition like this

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    Re: move a windows install to a virtual drive

    aw tuxxy, thankyou thankyou thankyou.,.. . on first glance, this looks like what i have been looking for for ages. i'd given up n started looking for work arounds.

    ... bring on the day when search engines "know what you mean".

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