Thread: "Begining Programer - Where to Learn?"

As usual in PT, opinionated discussion started shortly.

One mod (seems to me) disagreed with the direction of the discussion, and closed the thread. This was challenged in an improper way in another thread and having double standard was suggested by that poster (later). That poster is valueable expert on awk, and even if I disagree with his opinion, I belive discussion he wannst to have is usefull and should be allowed.

So I'll like to do proper thing and challenge the closing of thread (IMHO improper) here.

I believe it makes bad impression about balanced opinions provided by forum if a mod closes the discussion where it is widely known he or she disagrees with the position of some posters. Especially if mod's signature claims to be infallible, which might be OK for plain forum member but IMHO unacceptable for a mod - it again makes impression what opinions of such mod are above any appeal.

Discussion was trying to elucidate valid question: can be bash considered 'general programming language', comparable to Python or Ruby? I stated my opinion, but IMHO it is improper to close such discussion before arguments were exhausted (if discussion is civil, no flamewars, no personal attacks). It is not even recurring discussion, it is tangential to evergreen PT discussion about languages, but IMHO valid and should be allowed to continue.

I am sorry for wasting your time, but I am really concerned about that valuable poster and hos impression about double standards on moderating forums. I want him to remain as valuable help in PT.

Thank you