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Thread: Install stops on dell inspiron

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    Install stops on dell inspiron

    I'm attempting to install 8.04.1 on to my Dell Inspiron 2200. It seems to load fine and I can begin the installation. When I get to step 3 and hit next It looks to load the paritioner, a window comes up saying it's loading and looks to go to 100%. But then the window exits and I'm just left there with the mouse pointer in a working state(circle with the spinning pattern).

    Please let me know what else you might need, I'm fairly new to linux this is my first time installing.

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    Re: Install stops on dell inspiron

    Same thing happened to me yesterday on an Inspiron 8100. I was installing over an existing NTFS partition where Windows XP Pro had resided.

    I just powered off and started the install over. And all was well.


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