when browsing around in your true crypt mount your data might not be as secure as you think. Gnome keeps track of a list of your recent files and creates thumbnails of your files. They will be there even after you dismount. To fix this issue I wrote the following script to prevent gnome from tracking you while you use truecrypt.


#save old recently used stuff, and stop tracking recently used
mv ~/.recently-used ~/.recently-used.bak 
mv ~/.recently-used.xbel ~/.recently-used.xbel.bak 
mkdir ~/.recently-used.xbel


#restore old recently used stuff
rm -r ~/.recently-used.xbel
mv ~/.recently-used.bak ~/.recently-used
mv ~/.recently-used.xbel.bak ~/.recently-used.xbel

#shred the thumbnail folder
find ~/.thumbnails -type f -execdir shred -u '{}' \;
I think this should cover all your tracks but there may be other places if any one knows of any please post.