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Thread: Join the dots with GIMP

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    Join the dots with GIMP

    Okay, suggest any other tool that I can use.
    The kiddo is starting to learn the concept of "join the dots". So, I want to produce some worksheets of alphabets that he can work on using gimp, but couldn't figure out how to do this. There is no way to use a dotted line with the text tool. Any idea how I can do this?

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    Re: Join the dots with GIMP

    Have you tried any of the educational tools?
    there's some amazing stuff there.

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    Re: Join the dots with GIMP

    You may want to try a vector program such as Inkscape (available in the repositories):
    sudo apt-get install inkscape
    I'm not certain, but there is probably a way to use a text tool to write the alphabet, then select the letters and change the outlines into dashed lines.
    Actually, there's an inkscape tutorial you may want to look at here. In particular, check out step 14 where they show how to set the path properties for a dashed line. This could be applied to letters quite easily, I think.

    FYI I found the tutorial, along with several others here.

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    Re: Join the dots with GIMP

    I made some of those for my kids using Inkscape a few months ago, although now my husband is working on a dotted tracing font (using FontForge) as doing it by hand is arduous.


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