I can not get Dreamweaver 8 or Dreamweaver MX to run. I have installed each one a couple of times and come to find out that Dreamweaver 8 has not been tested or at least WineHQ does not have a listing for Ubuntu 10.04 and Dreamweaver 8. Now they do have a listing of Ubuntu 10.04 and Dreamweaver MX and they do have Ubuntu 10.10 and Dreamweaver 8 listed. But when I install Dreamweaver 8 or Dreamweaver MX I can't get pass the register screen (where it ask you to register, never register, or remind me later). Once I push any one of them the windows fades out and it just stops. I even went back to a Dreamweaver 4 version and the same thing happens. I know that Dreamweaver 8 and below works with Wine can any body tell me why this is happening? I really need it.

The real crazy thing is I have openSUSE 11.2 installed and Dreamweaver 8 install with no problems.