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Thread: [SOLVED] Is it safer to logout or kill X?

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    [SOLVED] Is it safer to logout or kill X?

    When I wish to logout of wmii (say to reset dmenu), I usually kill X. However, it does have a logout option. I was just wondering if one method is inherently safer to use.

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    Re: Is it safer to logout or kill X?

    It is safer to logout. Killing any program unnecessarily is generally not a good idea since you can corrupt settings and configurations (among other things). You wouldn't want to interrupt a program while it is doing something important, and killing X will kill all programs running in that session -> bad idea.

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    Re: [SOLVED] Is it safer to logout or kill X?

    I think it depends.

    The new kernel has messed up my logout so the computer crashes, whenever I try to logout.

    But If I ctrl alt backspace.
    It just loads the login screen.

    I've been doing this for months, and nothing has been corrupted.

    I wouldn't recommend it, but it's better than the alternative.
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    Re: [SOLVED] Is it safer to logout or kill X?

    I've always used ctrl+alt+backspace religiously and haven't had any problems. I'm under the impression it's safe.
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