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Thread: Trouble setting up wlan interface

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    Trouble setting up wlan interface

    Hi, I am running into a strange problem when I try to set up my Trendnet TEW-424ub device. I downloaded and installed ndiswrapper, installed the drivers to it and ran the modprobe command but the wlan interface still doesn't show up. I ran the lsusb command and it says driver present and devie present but still no interface. Please help!

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    Re: Trouble setting up wlan interface

    Please post the output of these commands:
    ndiswrapper -l
    lshw -C Network
    lsmod | grep ndis
    dmesg | grep -e ndis -e wlan

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    Re: Trouble setting up wlan interface

    Ok, here's the results of ndiswrapper -l

    net8187b : driver installed
    device (0BDA:8189) present

    results of lshw -C Network

    description: Ethernet interface
    product: BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX
    vendor: Broadcom Corporation
    physical id: 0
    bus info: pci@0000:02:00.0
    logical name: eth0
    version: 02
    serial: 00:14:22:8a:32:37
    size: 100MB/s
    capacity: 100MB/s
    width: 32 bits
    clock: 33MHz
    capabilities: pm bus_master cap_list ethernet physical mii 10bt 00bt 100bt-fd autonegotiation
    configuration: autonegotiation=on broadcast=yes driver=b44 drive 2.0 duplex=full ip= latency=64 link=yes module=ssb multicas t=twisted pair speed=100MB/s

    results of dmesg | grep -e ndis -e wlan

    [ 27.030912] ndiswrapper version 1.51 loaded (smp=yes, preempt=no)
    [ 27.462075] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisMDeregisterMiniportDriver'
    [ 27.462090] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisFreeNetBufferListPool'
    [ 27.462101] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisMRegisterMiniportDriver'
    [ 27.462112] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisFreeMdl'
    [ 27.462123] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisFreeNetBufferList'
    [ 27.462134] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisMSendNetBufferListsComplete'
    [ 27.462148] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisMIndicateReceiveNetBufferLists'
    [ 27.462159] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisAllocateNetBufferAndNetBufferList'
    [ 27.462171] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisAllocateMdl'
    [ 27.462181] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisAllocateNetBufferListPool'
    [ 27.462236] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisMOidRequestComplete'
    [ 27.462251] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisOpenConfigurationEx'
    [ 27.462277] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisMIndicateStatusEx'
    [ 27.462303] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisAllocateMemoryWithTagPriority'
    [ 27.462319] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisAllocateIoWorkItem'
    [ 27.462330] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisFreeIoWorkItem'
    [ 27.462340] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisQueueIoWorkItem'
    [ 27.462351] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:'NdisMSetMiniportAttributes'
    [ 27.462359] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: WDFLDR.SYS:'WdfVersionUnbind'
    [ 27.462368] ndiswrapper (import:242): unknown symbol: WDFLDR.SYS:'WdfVersionBind'
    [ 27.462372] ndiswrapper (load_sys_files:216): couldn't prepare driver 'net8187b'
    [ 27.462884] ndiswrapper (load_wrap_driver:118): couldn't load driver net8187b; check system log for messages from 'loadndisdriver'
    [ 27.462920] usbcore: registered new interface driver ndiswrapper

    results of lsmod | grep ndis

    ndiswrapper 193500 0
    usbcore 146028 4 ndiswrapper,ehci_hcd,uhci_hcd

    Thank you for your help!

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    Re: Trouble setting up wlan interface

    It looks like ndiswrapper doesn't like the Windows driver that you loaded into it. Sometimes this happens. First, remove the Windows driver that you have currently installed:
    sudo ndiswrapper -r net8187b
    Then install a better driver. According to the ndiswrapper site, these are links to ones that should work for your card:

    Code: used winXP driver contained in
    Also remember that if you're using 64-bit Ubuntu, the Windows driver needs to be for 64-bit Windows.


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