I am experiencing intermittent wireless connection with my laptop these past few days.

I am using:
Compaq Presario v3000
Broadcom BCM4312 802.11 a/b/g (rev01) wireless card
Ubuntu hardy heron.

Have no idea what is causing this as the first few days I installed it, it was fine (I made the changed last week). Then these few days the problem started. I know it's not my wireless router or the modem as my sister had her wireless running at the same time and it was fine for her, she's running windows.

I made the change over to linux as windows was getting on my nerves chomping loads of my hard drive space.

Originally started with openSUSE 11 and everything worked fine and dandy but decided to move to ubuntu as there is a more support and a bigger community than openSUSE.

May have to revert back to openSUSE if I can't get this wireless problem fixed.

please help me.