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Thread: Ubuntu and XP on an Acer 5630

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    Ubuntu and XP on an Acer 5630

    I'm having problems installing a dual boot on an Acer 5630, starting with a clean disk i've installed win xp (sp2) and set it up ok. Using the live cd I installed Ubuntu (V8.04) that installs ok. On reboot the grub menu shows ubuntu and XP but if I select XP windows starts for a few seconds then a blue screen flashes for half a second or so (too quick to read what it says) and the computer re-boots. I can still get into Ubuntu ok. I have tried this several times, also tried installing with the 'alternate cd' but with the same results.
    If I were to use Patagon partition manager to create the linux partition first (do I format in ext2 or ext3)how do I get Unbuntu to choose that partition
    Any help appreciated

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    Re: Ubuntu and XP on an Acer 5630

    Dr. Fernando Duran Dollenz
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