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Thread: uninstalled gnome-menus :(

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    Unhappy uninstalled gnome-menus :(

    I am a newbie to ubuntu (or for that matter to linux)
    I just wanted to try something new and,
    by mistake uninstalled gnome-menus menu editor.
    (i didn't know what the problem was going to be)
    and the part i haven't expected is that even the
    gnome terminal is uninstalled.
    after uninstallation the panels were there as they were before,
    but with some of the applications not visible in the main menu.
    I have added "run application" to the panel by right clicking the panel and ....
    Then i was able to at least open xterm by typing in xterm command.

    but now after rebooting i just can't see anything on my desktop
    nothing appears by right clicking the mouse at any corner of desktop
    fortunately my laptop has a side panel with a net browser button,using which i am able to post this thread.
    How can i reinstall gnome-menus.....
    (or if exists a better menu editor ...... taking advantage of the situation)
    hardy 8.04.1

    please give me your suggestions.
    helping a newbie like me is surely appreciated.
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    Re: uninstalled gnome-menus :(

    the prompt for logging into my user account is not that "grapical"
    I always need to use startx command.
    now here i can use it as my terminal.
    I tried ..sudo apt-get install gnome-menus
    the repository is in.archives.ubuntu
    the percentage of progress is zero and would never increase....
    please help .... can i solve the problem by changing the repository?

    thank you.

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