I'm just posting a little experience thread so I have a place to go back and see my notes and share the things I learned "improving" my new netbook. The unit was gotten from best buy for $249 after a $100 coupon for high speed internet purchase.

The wubi install was set with a 30GB drive size and went absolutely flawlessly. Following just find a list of mods and notes I had to do to improve and function of the unit:

Move the panels to vertical because of the 600 pixel screen height. An increase of 8%.

Followed these instructions for wireless: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne
and netbook remix. Hated most of the remix stuff, but kept the human-netbook-theme. I'll address the wireless further, shortly.

Modified firefox to get rid of bookmarks and status bar and go to small icons.

Downloaded the compiz manager and got cube, scaling window picker and a few other tweaks.

Pretty satisfied with the setup, so thought I'd go mobile. Here is where the hell started. The wireless card would indicate it was working correctly right up until the desktop showed. It would blink and go dead. It was nearly impossible to get it going again, but I did a few times, but don't know how. I never got internet until after I replaced the network-manager with Wicd. This was a little nerver-wracking because it prompts you to remove ubuntu-desktop but my research tells me this is only required for distribution upgrade, so not an issue.

With Wicd installed, I couldn't find it in the tray because I had deleted the tray. A simple addition of the notification applet on a hiding bottom panel solved that problem. The last thing to tweak is the fan speed, but I'll pass for now. It seems the wireless networking is a little flaky still, but seems to work good most the time. See the pic: