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Thread: ubuntu on hp notebook: first round

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    ubuntu on hp notebook: first round

    Hi everyone,
    I want to know the steps I should follow to install ubuntu on my notebook: HP pavillion 6704nr.
    I have both 32bits and 64bits of Ubuntu 7.04 here, but neither could go through the installation process when I put them into the machine I gave the boot: the installation has been stopped in a freezy and coloured screen everytime, in both cds.

    I'd like to know which version is more recommended for a turion x2 notebook because I have heard 32bit version is more compatible, but that is not proper for this hardware.

    What must I do to can install ubuntu on it? Any --noSTUFF parameters are necessary to do that? Which one?

    I have already gotten crazy when I downgrated windows vista to windows xp and installed all drivers, so, does ubuntu already have all drivers and things necessary for its use on my notebook?

    The hardware is:
    notebook hp pavillion dv6704nr
    turion x2 ~1.90GHz
    2GB Ram
    graphic: nvidia geforce go 7150M
    hd: 160 GB (5400 RPM) (SATA)
    wireless: atheros
    (I am not sure about exactly all the parts but I can check following hints given)

    thanks for the help

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    Re: ubuntu on hp notebook: first round

    Try starting either livecd in safe graphics mode. In the Menu screen press F4 and select safe graphics mode, hit enter and your ready to go.


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    Re: ubuntu on hp notebook: first round

    Like cariboo says and 64bit version. I am running virtually the same machine as you have and 64bit no problems. Odd you should be having a problem. (32bit apps will run once you are up anyhow, sometimes with a bit of tweaking).

    And welcome to the forums!


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