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Thread: install vista after ubunutu installation

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    Question install vista after ubunutu installation


    I have Ubuntu 8 running on my laptop. I want to install Windows Vista, and dual boot my system.

    My questions are:

    What is the best practice to partition my hard disk. Currently, I only have Ubuntu running on my 120gb hd, with no secondary paritions. Should I parition and create space for Vista using Ubuntu-based partitioner, or should I let Vista handle it.

    Will installing Vista change grub boot loader configuration, and I won't be able to boot into Ubuntu?

    Thanks for the help! Any other suggestions are more than welcome!

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    Re: install vista after ubunutu installation

    For partitioning, format available space as NTFS. You can make the partiton any size you like but keep in mind Vista is a hog with hard drive space. For partioning Vista`s internal partitioner will not do since it may not recongnise EXT3 or SWAP. You should use gParted LiveCD ( since it can work with more filesystems than Vista`s.

    Vista will overwrite GRUB and you will be unable to boot into Ubuntu. GRUB must be reinstalled at a later time by using the recovery console on the Ubuntu installation disc.
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    Re: install vista after ubunutu installation

    I got my XP disc and deleted the ubuntu partition and installed vista
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