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Thread: ClamTK 3.11

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    Smile ClamTK 3.11

    I have searched high and low for an answer on this. I figure my frustration level merits a post.

    I've had problems with Clamtk gui for clamav hanging a lot so I went searching for a new GUI. I found out that ClamTK 3.11 is out and that they highly recommend against using 3.08 thats in the ubuntu repository. I downloaded the .tar.gz file but I can't seem to install this thing.

    Question one would be, is there a install for dummies .deb version of this or another GUI I could use?

    Question two is why do I get hung when I try to do it via the FAQ. I made sure I had gtk2-perl,etc but it always errors. I can post outputs if needed.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: ClamTK 3.11

    Ok nevermind it was so easy I was just trying way too hard. Just unzipped the file, copied folder to /usr/shared. I put the bin in /usr/bin but I don't know if it matters and the .desktop in the appropriate folder. Works fine. I didn't realize I was missing 1 part of the perl prereq.


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