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Thread: Remote Tunneling with PuTTY

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    Remote Tunneling with PuTTY

    Hi, everyone.

    I would like to set up a server at home so that I can use PuTTY at school to surf the web without a proxy.

    I installed SSH and made a no-ip account that connects to my home IP as "" and I used that as the hostname, port 22.

    Under "SSH>Tunnelling" I used "80" as the source port and the destination as "localhost:80"

    I pressed start and reecieved:

    ERROR: Connection Refused

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    Re: Remote Tunneling with PuTTY

    i am sure that your school blocks port 22 (i.e. that's why the connection was refused) - so the request never reached your home computer. Also, the gateway feature of ssh is still experimental (as far as i know at least)... i've never gotten it to work myself either - the forwarding is usually only good for one destination redirect - not for the entire internet.

    What you need to do is run the ssh-server at your home on port 80 or 443, and then figure out how the redirect-gateway works with putty - simple forwarding is not enough here...

    i don't think this is going to work... at all...
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