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Thread: Startup script for VMware/redesktop

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    Post Startup script for VMware/redesktop


    I've been trying to create a script to launch my VM and then run rdesktop.

    I am running a headless existing XP partition VM and then rdesktop in seamless mode thru' a host-only network.

    Problem is, how to get the script to wait until the XP VM is ready to accept client connections? If I just ping away at the VM, it responds long before XP has fully booted and port 3389 is ready.

    Can anybody help fill in the # wait for XP to boot:
    #! /bin/bash
    vmrun start "/path/to/Windows XP Home Edition.vmx"
    # wait for XP to boot
    read -s -p “Enter Password: ” mypassword
    rdesktop -A -s 'seamlessrdpshell explorer' -u ubuntu -p $mypassword
    Also, is it possible to have the script run without a terminal window? As far as I can make out, I have to launch the script from a terminal as the read command requires user input. Is there a dialogue box equivalent to read?

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    Lightbulb [SOLVED] Startup script for VMware/rdesktop

    Okay, no takers for this one so I went off and figured it out for myself and am rather pleased with myself as this is my first bash script.

    You'll need nmap to probe the VM and then make the script executable for terminal free execution.

    # by waspbloke September 2008
    # requires nmap (sudo apt-get install nmap)
    # script defaults to run explorer or accepts optional argument of app/path to execute eg:
    # taskmgr
    # "c:\program files\skype\skype.exe"
    # create your own custom app launchers by calling this script with different app arguments
    # change these vars to reflect your own setup
    # check for windows app as ARG
    if [ "$1" ]; then AppToRun="$1"; fi
    echo "Windows app to run: $AppToRun"
    # collect XP user logon info
    MyAccount=`zenity --entry --title="XP User Account" --text="Please enter the XP username to login with:"`
    MyPassword=`zenity --entry --title="XP User Password" --hide-text --text="Please enter the password for $MyAccount:"`
    # check if VM is already running
    vmrun list > $PathHere/VMRUNout
    # EDIT THIS LINE HERE: /winxp/      TO: /something relevant/    AS PER YOUR 'vmrun list' RESULT
    VMrunning=$(awk '/winxp/ {print "true"}' $PathHere/VMRUNout)
    if [ ! $VMrunning ]; then VMrunning="false"; fi
    echo "VM running: $VMrunning"
    # if VM not running start the VM and wait while it boots
    if [ "$VMrunning" = "false" ]; then
    	vmrun start $PathToVMX
    	echo "Please wait, starting VM $PathToVMX..."
    	sleep 45s
    # check if VM's RDP port is ready to connect
    echo "VM started, scanning RDP port..."
    until [  "$RDPstate" = "open" ]
    	# scan port 3389 and send output to file
    	nmap -p 3389 $GuestIP > $PathHere/NMAPout
    	# set RDPstate var if NMAP scan is successful
    	RDPstate=$(awk '/(3389)/ && /(open)/ {print "open"}' $PathHere/NMAPout)
    	if [ ! $RDPstate ]; then RDPstate="closed"; fi
    	echo "...RDP port is currently $RDPstate..."
    	sleep 5s
    # now we can fire up rdesktop
    echo "Launching rdesktop session..."
    rdesktop -A -s 'seamlessrdpshell '$AppToRun $GuestIP -u $MyAccount -p $MyPassword
    # clean up before exit
    rm $PathHere/VMRUNout
    rm $PathHere/NMAPout
    exit 0
    Obviously you need to change the path and IP variables as noted.

    I'd be interested to here any thoughts about this script and suggestions for improvements. I think I might try incorporation the modded rdesktop script I've seen somewhere for using a master session and launching slave rdesktop sessions from it next.
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    Re: [SOLVED] Startup script for VMware/rdesktop

    Good work.

    Just a note- if you set your VM to run automatically (I do this with my web and mail server VMs) you could eliminate half the script.
    Why can't life have a sudo apt-get install -f command?
    Install VMWare Server 2 on a text-only system
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