Last night I spent about an hour looking around google for how to dump and view the cache of a bind dns server. I just wanted to post this thread on how to do it so maybe next time people search they will able to find it easier

Bind 9 makes it fairly easy to dump and view the cache of a caching BIND DNS server. All you have to do is run under root:

rndc dumpdb -cache

This will create a file called named_dump.db in the /var/cache/bind/ directory. You can easily open this .db with your favorite text editor.

** If your instance of BIND is chrooted, for example to /var/lib/named/, then the cache dump file will be located in the /var/lib/named/var/cache/bind/ directory.

** The dumpdb feature of rndc has other options including a -all or -zone flag. Check 'rndc --help' for more information.

For more information you can check out this HOWTO i drafted.