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Thread: xserver doesn't want to start

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    xserver doesn't want to start

    My computer never worked well on any OS. It is a scrapy Compaq R4000 series laptop like you see evrywhere.

    But, since 2 weeks, I'm no more able to run Ubuntu from the normal boot. So I booted from recovery mode and it works one time out of ten.

    First, when I boot from recovery mode, I get an automatic disc check because my disc is corrupt. Like you can imagine, it finds errors and doesn't boot at all. Instead, if I press <ctrl>+<alt>+<del>, I get a recovery menu.

    On this menu, I have 3 options:
    -resume (startup)

    The only way I can get my computer works is if I plug the internet wire, run the dpkg and pray that it trys to connect to internet. If (and only if) it does, than I can resume the startup and get gnome works.

    If it doesn't try to connect to internet (like 9 times out of 10) and I try to resume the startup, It shows me a message that tells me that it's impossible to start xserver.

    Please help me because the only options that I have left is to restart my computer from scrach... and I doesn't like this idea.
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    Re: xserver doesn't want to start

    If you have corrupt files, you need to concentrate on why that may be. Run memtest and/or get the drive checking utility from your hard drive mfg and test the hard drive.
    Until these questions are answered, doing anything else is a waste of time.

    Unless of course, your all the time shutting it down the wrong way..


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